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I won’t generalize on Trump supporters, particularly on their motivations for voting for the man. While I declined to give him my vote, almost everyone I know voted unabashedly for him, and they are neither uneducated, nor trailer trash. In some cases they are not even white.

What I am most curious to see is how this voting group will approach the next four years, and the next 10 after that. It will be a test of their motivations. I remain convinced that some people (not all) voted for Trump because they idolized him, and I am curious to see if their political involvement will simply vanish when he is gone. In other cases, people deeply appreciated his policies, and I am curious to see if they will hold his feet to the fire if he backs away from his promises.

While they weren’t the majority, this “silent” voting group spoke up loud and clear this year. That being said, it still remains to be seen what exactly they stood up for. Did they come out in droves because they want better jobs, fair wages, less taxes, and a stronger economy? Or were they drawn in by some of the deeply divisive rhetoric that Trump used?

I am not thrilled by a Trump Presidency, but there always have been and always will be limitations in the Executive branch that reassure me that no one man could dismantle a country in just four years. I also choose to give him the benefit of the doubt, and sincerely hope he proves all of his detractors wrong. I am much more interested to see where his supporters will go from here. The campaigning is over, and I think that they, much like the President-elect, will find that governing is an entirely different ballgame.