Deforestation: Mother Nature’s Slow Death

Every person on this Earth finds comfort in something whether it is a person, place, or thing. You learn to love and appreciate it and eventually you find yourself being addicted to it. Mother Nature happens to be my addiction. There is so much beauty that she has to offer. It starts from dusk until dawn and everything in between. From sunrise to sundown, she displays herself in many different ways. She is everywhere and it is impossible to ignore her yet people always do. We take everything she has to offer for granted nowadays. People don’t stop to acknowledge and appreciate her beauty. We live in a world where people try to create beauty instead of noticing the beauty around them. We destroy and kill and because of this, our world is being harmed. Wildlife species are being killed to the point of their extinction, deforestation is depleting the amount of plants and trees left in different areas, and climate change is occurring because of the decrease in forests. According to, through deforestation it estimated that 18 million acres of forest are lost each year. At this rate it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rain forests on the Earth. Deforestation has its set of side effects as well. Deforestation is one of the causes of global warming. As a result, the Earth’s temperature has increased 0.8 degrees Celsius over the past century. Also, loss of forests contributes between 12 to 17 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Up to 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation according to Our world is going downhill and is being torn apart for the wrong reasons. It almost seems like it is a taboo for people to just enjoy Mother Nature for her beauty and what she has to offer. Through this essay I hope people learn to love and appreciate their surroundings. I wish to express the true beauty offered to us by this world and I hope people realize these are the things they are destroying. If we don’t start appreciating what this world has to offer and do our best to protect it this will have a harmful effect on all of humanity. In this photo essay I am going to display pictures that show my love and appreciation for nature. They will include pictures of sights, different plants and animals. Each of these pictures were taken either in Austin or on the campus of Texas State University because of the fact that this will be my home for the next four years. A lot can happen in that time so I wanted to give people in this area an idea of what is going on around them.

This picture was taken early in the morning. Behind the leaves you can see a group of vines intertwined together that formed one huge vine. These vines ran all through the tree and made a bridge for different animals and insects trying to walk across. These vines were connected to multiple trees, not just this single one and they gave the trees their character. There was road next to these trees that separated the land. You could see towards the edge of the road how pavement was just placed on top of land without a second thought. Trees are a huge part of our environment. According to, A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. Every single time a tree is cut down in order to make room for roads like the one here, we lose 260 pounds of oxygen per year.
A lower perspective shot gives you a better view of these mushrooms. You can see the different patterns on the top of them and the hairs on the inside of the cap. The stem of the mushrooms had a different texture, but were not too different from the top. The mushrooms were grouped together in twos throughout the field almost as if they depended on one another for survival. Also, you can notice on the grass the precipitation from the early morning. The next morning these mushrooms had already been cut down. These mushrooms had less than a week before being destroyed by our society.
This group of deer would not shy away from the camera at all. They were very intrigued and almost seemed to pose when I would get close. The reason for this, I believe, is because they’ve gotten used to being around humans and living in the city. Deer have been spotted all over campus a numerous amount of times. It is extremely common to see deer walking in the streets of San Marcos now a days because of how much land is being taken down. Since their homes are being destroyed in order to fit the city’s needs, these deer now have to adjust to life in it. They always traveled in a group and if one broke off they wait until he came back to the herd or they’d go get him so their instincts are still in tact. Deer are a very peaceful species. They are herbivores. They are the opposite of trouble makers which is why I find it sad that animals like these are being displaced.
The sunlight in this picture allows the beautiful feathers of this peacock to stand out. The blue and green feathers on his neck and torso give the peacock his identity. The tail, as you can see has a wide variety of blue and green spots. This another great example of animals that are losing their homes. Peacocks are gorgeous animals and extremely peaceful. As surprising as this may seem, the peacock in this picture allowed me to pet him. Again, I believe the reason for this was because these animals are so used to being around humans that they don’t fear us anymore. The loss of habitats for these animals means searching for a new place to call home, and unfortunately it is becoming harder and harder to do so.
This picture was taken at Austin on the 360 Bridge. From here you can see exactly how natural beauty is being changed into architectural beauty. This part of land is flooded with lights that replaced the backwoods. From this view you can estimate that more than half of this area was torn down in order for these buildings to be placed where they are. This part of Austin is beautiful and the views are amazing. It really does hurt seeing so much land being replaced by buildings. Deforestation is a more devastating process but the concept is almost the same and the woods are still being destroyed.
This is a visual representation of not only what is going on here in San Marcos but around the whole world too. Here you can see a plant who found a way to survive despite the odds. Cement and bricks were not able to subdue this plant and keep it from living. This relates to deforestation because of the fact that wildlife is still being destroyed in order to fit society’s needs. A sidewalk was formed directly over this plant for students to walk on but its the plants that are being trampled.
This picture was taken right behind the SUPL Building on the campus of Texas State University. In this picture you can see how an open field of land is being turned into something that will probably fit the university’s needs. This is turning into business and wildlife is being destroyed because of it. It almost feels like if Mother Nature is being kicked out of her own backyard. In the top left corner you will notice two trees. They were the only trees that stood in this area of construction and I fear that soon they will not.
Texas State’s main campus contains 245 buildings. The campus itself is supposed to be 492 acres in total. 492 acres of land had to be cut down and they had to make space for these buildings. Think of the number of animals that lost their homes in the process and what they had to do to find a stable one again. Do not get me wrong, I myself love Texas State very much and I think the campus is beautiful and the opportunities offered here are amazing, but I do not like the process the University had to undergo in order to reach this point. With the amount of students attending this school, growth and expansion is a necessary process and the outcome again will be the same unfortunately.

As you can see, there are so many factors that lead to the destruction of nature. What worries me is how quickly land is being lost. I have been a student at Texas State for one semester and in that semester alone I have seen many changes being made. Land was turned into parking garages or into apartments and construction sites are sited everywhere now. I understand that people are trying to make a living and are trying to make business because San Marcos is a college town, but I feel like they need to be more empathetic towards Mother Nature before it is too late. Wildlife contributes to our environment and society more than we think. The easy part is taking them down and making way for something society feels is more important. The hard part is going to be growing them back when we need them. Of course, this only pertains to the trees, shrubs, and plants that are being lost. We are able to grow them back if we chose to but animals can’t be brought back once they’re extinct. People don’t think much of killing animals and destroying their habitats now but once there are no more, they will feel regret for what we as a society did. Deforestation is real and is becoming more of an issue now. Although the pictures I showed did not actually show the process of deforestation they all related to it in some way and all connected. Land is being lost, animals are losing home as well as their lives and we, as a society, need to wake up and realize what we are doing to Mother Nature while we still have a chance.