City Jumper vs. Doodle Jump: City Jumper More Frustrating for all the Right Reasons

It’s been over a year since I got hooked on Doodle Jump so when I found out that there was a new jumper game in town I didn’t hesitate giving it a try. It’s safe to say I’m officially addicted to City Jumper.

Just like Doodle Jump, City Jumper has perfected the right blend of addictively-frustrating but fun mobile gaming!

Let’s jump right into this battle with application specs:

Size may vary on device. These figures come from being tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Game Play

Doodle Jump

An infinite game play that makes you tilt your phone to control the doodle guy left or right. You may jump on your enemies or tap to shoot them. Jump the highest you can passing your friends scores along the way to earn points.

City Jumper

Levels are challenging and very hard to master. Controls are easy, just tilt your phone left and right. No tapping involved. Collect keys on your way to the top of famous and iconic buildings from cities all over the world. Avoid some obstacles here and there. Then move on to the next level. Sounds easy enough right? Well it is simple to play but satisfyingly challenging to master.


City Jumper takes the ease of game play. If you’re like me and want things to be as simple as tilting left to right then this game’s perfect for you. I personally hate having to tap or long press while trying to avoid things or jump on the right platform. Just saying.


Doodle Jump

- Ninja

- Space

- Jungle

- Soccer

- Underwater

- Snow

- Halloween

- Frozen Ice

- Easter

- Pirates

City Jumper

- Manila

- Singapore

- Mumbai

- Panama

- Cairo

- Moscow

- New York

- Kualalumpur

- Taipei

- Dubai


It’s a TIE for creative efforts. Each game has their own merit. Doodle Jump is seasons & holidays oriented this can be limiting to a point but they have random game themes ranging from Ninja, Space to Pirates. While City Jumper has a clear theme of major cities and famous landmarks/buildings found in those cities. Earning them merits for being educational and relatable all over the world. A little travel experience right in your game.

Doodle Jump’s drawback here though is the fact that each theme is a completely separate app. You’d need to download and install every world in order to switch out whenever you want. What’s great about City Jumper is the fact that because it is level based the app can be kept lightweight.


Doodle Jump

- Jet Pack

- Propeller Hat

- Rockets

- Trampolines

City Jumper

- Rocket

- Drone

- Sand Storms

- Eagles


Clearly Doodle Jump takes the lead on this. But it comes as no surprise since they are a well developed and long standing game. We are yet to see game upgrades to City Jumper. (In the near future possibly?)

Let me know what you think about this category. Do you agree that Doodle Jump falls back for having totally separate app versions or are you okay with it since it is infinite play? Let me know in the comments below.

It’s a close match. City Jumper with a final winning score of 3 and Doodle Jump with 2. Strong and deserved win for City Jumper despite its recency it can stack up well beside the game mammoth. Even the dark corners of the web are beginning to see user forums abuzz with “Beat-My-Record” threads and Youtube videos of game tutorials.

It might be a bit early to say but I think City Jumper has stirred the pot in a good way. It’s user interface, graphics and sound effects are already up to par with that of Doodle Jump or other similar games like Froggy Jump, leaving little room for improvement. At this point we just have to wait and see what challenging destinations they are yet to add. Well that’s if we all get past the skyscraper of Level 10.

Give the app a look (Download City Jumper on iOS & GooglePlay) and let me know in the comments if you’ve passed Level 8, coz I gotta admit I’m stuck.

Goodluck gamers!