Twice as Much

Have you ever heard about Generation Y?

Eventually, I just did… There was a campaign in my office last week about a new social community named “XYZ”. The campaign essentially tells me that there is a generation gap among the people working inside the company (or basically in our world nowadays) because of rapid cultural change occurred in the last decades. In general, a person like me or you probably, who is born within the 80's and 90's is called the “Generation Y” a.k.a. “The Millenials”; whereas our parents are called the “Generation X” or “The Older Ones”. There are major differences between these generation. At least from the stereotypes that have been given to them lately; Gen-X are perceived to be old-fashioned and directionless, while the Gen-Y are recognized as fast-moving generation and adapted with technology. Such a harsh description, but it could be true in some parts of our life.

The reality is we are moving toward a world that is changing faster than ever. Widely spread digital media, extensive mobilization of people, more transparency and accountability, and free competition have led us to this newly shaped world. Ready or not, it has brought a life full of challenges. Remember Nokia? A Finnish multinational company that was leading the cellphone market in early 2000 with the most popular devices ever. Their market cap was around $269 billions during the sweet episode. Now they are gone with the wind; disappear with the main business which had been sold for only about $6 billions! Soon, people will forget that the company had ever ruled the world once; and it takes only about 15 years for it to be on the other side of the coin.

Not everybody is ready with the new era. Even, common people are afraid of change. Fear of newness. Neophobia. And the reason why I’m writing this today is I find myself no different from this personality…

Changing something is the most difficult job. Meanwhile, adapting to change is never ending and exhausting job. The reality kicks me right in the nuts today. Today, life shows me my incapability to anticipate change, and unfortunately brings up inferiority in myself. I don’t feel to talk about my problem in detail here (maybe next time lol), but the bottom line is some people fall into the negative state for long time and I don’t want to! It has to be a major improvement in life and I discover the most valuable learning today:

“In order to be half as good as the people around me, I need to work TWICE AS HARD.. TWICE AS SMART”

Twice as hard means I need to twice the efforts, twice the time spent, twice the productivity, and twice the learning.

Twice as smart means I need to be twice as efficient, twice as thorough, twice as fun, and twice as calm as ordinary people.

And that’s only for getting half as good as the people around me. Ironic but true. Because people nowadays are also twice as much as you can think they capable of.

So be ready or be sorry..

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