To you who may never read this,

Ever since I started liking you, my life has changed quite a fair bit. Initially, I didn’t expect something like this to happen but I guess, the heart is weak.

Chubby, cute, erratic… I don’t really know how to describe you at times but you are someone different in my life. You made me realise the class was not as bad as I thought, maybe because of your presence. But having you in class is more than enough. I look forward to school to just see you. I don’t need to sit beside you in class but just seeing your face is more than enough (delightful face of course).

The past few weeks have been very emotional for you. It hurts me whenever I see you sad, stressed or frustrated over projects. I don’t want to see you in pain or whatsoever. I want to see your happy face. You try to maintain a happy façade, but deep down I know you have your problems. At least it’s over (and hopefully forever). But for now, just study hard for your exams and then enjoy your holidays (even though you got to work).

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried our friendship would go downhill. Each time I felt something weird, I kind of panic and over-think. And then realise that everything was fine, we had that unspoken care and concern for each other. I am sorry I cannot tell you that some of my tweets were related to you because I didn’t want you to feel bad or start thinking.

I just want us to be very close friends now. Anything after that shall remains fate.

Chan-Ky Minion

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