Apple threatened by hackers for ransom! Cromshield can prevent this for you!

The technical big head Apple gets allegedly threatened by some unidentified hackers group that they would delete millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts if Apple disagrees to pay ransom by 7th of April 2017. The entire world is sceptical about the authenticity of this information and is eagerly watching for the deadline to see what happens. It can be a fake call or somebody might have really deciphered the toughest of Apple’s security system!! We never know what this could be and let’s keep our fingers crossed to witness the result! Are you ready for such a challenge? Have you got computer privacy protection software on your computer?

A simple preventive measure can save you from hackers’ malicious attempts. Cromshield suggests computer users to install virus protection software on their systems to have peace of mind from dreadful ransom wear. You can set your own security norms on your computer with this novel software technology.

Contact Crom shield at 1(888)841–8091 to get the free software installed on your computer for a fortnight. Get upgraded to a paid version once you find it feasible for your system or only if you find it worthy!!

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