On Stats and For Honor.

As per your request, I decided to put down into writing the problems I have with stats in For Honor.

  1. They create a paywall for the game.
  2. They drastically change core gameplay of For Honor.
  3. They only provide an illusion of customization.

Let’s start with #1

This is probably my smallest issue with the stat system at the moment, but I can see it becoming massively problematic in the future. I now have personal experience fighting players in the game that have the maxed gear score of 108 as a player with less than 30 gear score. Stats are important. They provide a huge power boost compared to people that do not have high-level gear which I was led to believe would not be a problem. I will go into a bit more detail as to why they are important in the next part, but at this point, I am convinced the game is made significantly easier for people that have 70+ gear score over people.

The reason why this is an issue is two-fold. First, matchmaking pairs people that have a huge gap in their stats regularly. The common answer to the aforementioned problem was that they wouldn’t play each other but that just isn’t the case at the moment. Every other game has people with 108 gear score in it versus players that aren’t even reputation one.

The second issue which is similar to the first is you can’t level up a new character because of this without massively gimping yourself. If you want to play some character that isn’t already renown 3 then you are placing yourself at a pretty large disadvantage. These make the game pay2win in a sense because the gear does provide an edge to people and grinding out each characters’ gear would take a very long time unless you want to spend money on steel and purchase all the gear as soon as you hit level 3 renown.


My serious issue with the stats.

They completely change the core gameplay of For Honor and in particular the group fights. This part ties into the next section as well but essentially stats separate revenge into two different categories. With no stats, revenge is a well-balanced mechanic that is used to help players fight in group situations with parries and throws becoming more powerful. With stats, it becomes completely broken. Essentially it gives players permanent revenge and even enables people to get revenge in a 1v1 situation. Revenge is great. Fighting someone who gets a tool like revenge in 1v1, especially a character like a warlord or a conqueror is totally silly.

Here are a few real scenarios that I have experienced in a stat vs non-stat situation.

No-stats: 1v1 a warlord player and kill him without him getting revenge.

Stats: 1v1 a warlord player and he gets revenge off of just fighting me, turns it on, and headbutts me into two heavies while on the ground which kill me.

No-stats: Orochi gets revenge mode and spams his attacks into my teammate while I overhead heavy him from behind as a warden. I kill him in two hits.

Stats: Orochi turns on revenge and spam attacks my teammate while tanking 4 of my overhead heavies and not dying(this is with me having a max attack weapon as well). He then proceeds to get another round of revenge in 2 blocks after his revenge wears off, rinse and repeat 3 times.

This one is my biggest issue. Revenge stats enable players to play completely aggressively disregarding parrying, feinting and blocking entirely and be rewarded for it. It turns the game into that which it is not, a button masher.

This leads into point #3

The stats are not well balanced and only provide an illusion of customization which I assume is their purpose in the game. As revenge becomes overpowered via stats you are required to stack all the revenge boosts or else once again you gimp yourself by comparison. Stats like Block Damage Resistance and Exhaustion Recovery have literally 0 purpose in the game by comparison. Revenge gives you infinite stamina so what reason do you have for any form of stamina management(or stamina related stats) when you get full stamina every 3 blocks. As I said before most players will simply pop revenge and spam attacks so any form of defense that isn’t tied to revenge is unnecessary. The only stats that even remotely compete are things like Feat Cooldown Reduction and Throw Distance but once again they pale in comparison to revenge stats.

This is just the most basic reasons of why I dislike stats and their implementation and doesn’t even go into the details of why I think they don’t belong in the game at all. At this point, I don’t expect you guys to gut stats from the game because I imagine they are a big money-maker and a lot of time was spent on their development, but they REALLY need to not be in ranked play or need to be heavily redesigned and rebalanced. At the root of the problem lies revenge and how broken stats make it versus how well-balanced revenge is without stats.

Thanks for taking the time to read my input if you have any questions or want to talk about it at all let me know. I have a lot of opinions on how you guys could balance the stat system and I would love to talk to you about why I think ranked mode should most likely not have stats.

Copy paste of the stats in the game.

  • Throw Distance
  • Revenge Mode Attack
  • Revenge Gain by Injury
  • Feat Cooldown Reduction
  • Revenge Mode Defense
  • Revenge Gain by Defense
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Stamina Cost Reduction
  • Block Damage Resistance
  • Revive Speed
  • Stamina Regen
  • Execution Health Regen
  • Block Damage
  • Sprint Speed
  • Debuff Resistance
  • Revenge Mode Duration
  • Exhaustion Recovery