Very surprised to see all the negative comments on this post.
Samuel Reed

Whoa whoa whoa. Freezing npm assets for CI is a solved problem in the enterprise landscape, and it’s not respectful to take it out on Azer because kik hasn’t figured that out yet. Furthermore, to do so in a public forum is aggressive.

“I’m sorry that Azer’s feelings got hurt but it was no excuse to take it out on his fellow developers.” — his repos are still up, and if he were really mad at the programming class he’d delete these as well:

Kik dev plays lawyer, throws hardball, Azer takes code off of npm, Kik build fails, Kik dev plays PR… It’s all fail, except for what Azer did.

As for NPM — their existing dispute policy has failed; spectacularly so. Might be avoided in the future with clear policies (no more “tldr;”) and a proper namespace for packages… this is a big debate though.

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