To get an invitation code for accessing Basecamp’s most recent HEY email app, you have to tell them about your current stance on the use of email.

Even though I’m not up to paying $99/year for it yet, I really like the idea and their philosophy. Being the great company that they are, and out of sheer boredom, I still came up with a little poem on a wimp, using William Blake’s The Tyger from 1794 for inspiration.

So There You Go

Don’t even know what my brain was thinking. Google, don’t sue me, please.

Google Google, keep it tight,
Facing lawsuits, you alright;
What innocent’s…

When I started formulating my ideas for this article back in May, I’d have never thought how personal these topics will become to me after losing a close friend of mine to depression a couple of weeks later.

More than ever, it showed me how important mental health awareness really is. At first, I combined both topics in one giant article, but finally decided to split it up in two separate ones.

Why I Care About This Topic

Initially, I just wanted to write an article about the relationship between food and neurogenesis, but had to take a break after all. …

Today is just an ordinary day like any other. For some, it’s actually a happy occasion, as many are celebrating Independence Day, their birthdays or the simple joys summer has to offer. Others just go about their daily routines without too much of a hassle.

So did I, exactly one month ago today. It’s Tuesday, the fourth of June. I was standing in my kitchen, making lunch and casually responding to some WhatsApp messages while keeping an eye on the stove, so the eggs won’t overcook.

As I was about to close the app, suddenly, a new message appeared at…

A story about a certain smell that inspired me to go on a spontaneous stroll at dusk, absorbing all the impressions this city has to offer.

A random Sunday evening in March. I’m laying down and chilling in my apartement near Naschmarkt, Vienna’s most popular market being located at the heart of the city.

When Christmas is lingering around the corner and there’s still some body fat to get rid of. A 6 week-long journey to a leaner me.

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question.” — Shakespeare on his way to rock-solid abs. Wait, what?

Update, September 2019: In the largest study of its kind, a recent randomized controlled clinical trial at the University of Graz, Austria, showed that alternate-day fasting, in which you avoid caloric intake for 36 hours then eat whatever you want for 12 hours, rivals caloric restriction for improving heart health and reducing BMI.

For years, I’ve been explaining to people that intermittent fasting is an extraordinarily useful tool to apply to one’s life. …

Probably one of the fastest, if not harshest and most efficient ways to lose pure body fat while maintaining most of your muscle mass.

Please hear me out on this one. Before you start reading the article, let me be clear that the following protocol is certainly not for everyone. It’s a well-conceived mashup of some scientifically proven fat-loss regimens where we’re talking about deficits of more than 10,000 calories per week.

It takes a great amount of will power dealing with potentially (not necessarily) an interim loss of libido, putting your body through higher cortisol levels (although some other studies state the opposite depending on different factors) and experiencing psychological pressure from abstaining from treats for one’s taste buds that make life somehow…

Christian Schwarz

I’m a content manager, business developer and the founder of the psychology startup Chummify.

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