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The CRD team takes a break from Content/Research/Design and shares their thoughts on Christmas/Roasts/Dinners.

The festive season is upon us! While we love a good meal delivered, this is the time of year most of us venture home for traditional home-cooked feasts. And one of the many great things about working in a diverse team is finding out about other people’s traditions. Here are just a few of the CRD members’ holiday plans.

Please note, this blog is best enjoyed while wearing a Christmas jumper and, if possible, sitting in front of a roaring fire.

Scotland: Celebrating Hogmanay

Stephen Macvean, Product Designer

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I quit my job on a Friday and boarded a plane to New York on the following Sunday.

The Saturday in between, I spent desperately overturning my small London studio apartment, hunting for the “small item of personal significance” I’d been asked to bring along for my upcoming summer course.

This assignment — “describe yourself through a unique and meaningful artifact” — seems to be a fairly common ice-breaking exercise. It leads me to imagine that crippling anxiety isn’t the reaction most people have when faced with said task. Me? I was in full-on panic mode.

Still, I kept telling myself that if I only looked hard enough, I might recall the perfect object to “represent my story.” In my head, I couldn’t shake this picture of a hand knit jumper in a pattern so discernibly Norwegian that it could only have been produced by a grandmother. Something with reindeers and trolls on it, with a heartwarming tale of family heritage to accompany it. …


Christine Røde

Digital product designer and writer. Nationally ambiguous/ambitious.

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