Envisioning a content creation model that doesn’t make me exhausted.

Christian Something
Jan 7, 2018 · 3 min read
A$AP Rocky for Fader/Complex by Geordie Wood

I want to make a lot. And I don’t want to work a regular 9 to 5. Now thanks to the internet that is a possibility, which is the dream that many have been sold (including me). If you don’t have visibility when you decide to seriously pursue your passion, you need to work on that as well. As it’s called, marketing is basically another craft. So, if you don’t have a platform already, you almost end up performing just like you would for an interview. Finding ways to capture people’s attention and then continuously creating content that doesn’t make you bored AND doesn’t make your audience bored. Marketing and content creation are one. At the beginning of the journey, it’s just as important to be visible as it is to be creating content. Doing both, frankly, is exhausting.

SEO, engagement, collaboration, hashtags, and everything else. Knowledge of these are decidedly vital to the visibility of you and your content, especially when you don’t have money to buy ads on the platform you exist on. I do have an issue with social media platforms and discovery (walled garden), but that’s another issue for another time. The issue is burnout due to these platform’s values. How do we create content, potentially a lot of (different) content and promote that allows us to have time to ourselves and be consistent for an audience.

I mostly make content (except my vlog) that is not time sensitive as in it isn’t news or created in real-time. Something like a podcast, poetry, web series, or music could be created in batches. Front-loading the bulk of the work in a short period of time (over the course of a month) and then could be released slowly in a cycle. Spend a couple of days, only making things and the every other day and reserved for other life things or reading. So, creating in batches carefully over the course of the couple of days could help with visual content, but can get tricky with software (unless open-source with an engaged community). But, then how do you market.

I am still trying to figure out because following trends and engaging outside of your community (while trying to avoid the social media trap) is vital and tiring. Content for the most part can be shy of timeless if it isn’t important when it comes out but marketing, but more importantly attention shifts everyday. Keeping up with your potential audience (and the world) adds another layer of fatigue. I believe maybe open-source software can alleviate some of that trouble. I think software that could check trends and get relevant tags would be great and also software that automatically submit work to places with influence would be great as well. Ideally, the marketing process would be completely hands off except for tweaking code or messing with the software.

I think that bulk creation and automation will help in allowing me to explore ideas and also not burnout daily and still be consistent. However, I still have concerns like making content that is marketing, like a podcast of a new movie released day of. I know that great content rises to the top, but when you start you have to go through a lot of content to be great and you need to be seen. Also, you typically aren’t getting paid for a while when doing that. I’m tired, y’all.

Let me know what you think about this piece (format, content, etc.)!

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