AirPods First Impressions

From an all day music listeners perspective – I’ve spent more on audio than my health…

People really need to start understanding the purpose of these truly wireless earbuds. I listen to music on average of 7–10 hours a day. I listen to genres ranging from mostly Rap to Classical, from Old School Punk Rock to new age UK grime. These aren’t supposed to sound like beats or JBL or Bose. They are an extension of us. They are the closet to headphone implants (sign me up today for a pair and I’d let you implant them behind my ears). This is the future of connectivity.

The You Problem

I was able to find Apples AirPods through a reseller in Canada (where I live) named JumpPlus. The instant I decided to buy them (today), I found them in stock. Haha suckers. They have tons of stock if you want to order a pair and live in Canada. Indecision is often the best decision at the time. If you can’t find them and are bitching about how they suck you probably wish you had a pair and are trying to convince people to not buy them in an attempt to reduce demand and up the stock, ultimately increasing the chances you will get them sooner. This is an example of a You problem.

WOW Signal

So I unboxed these fuckers listening to my 300 dollar M-Audio bookshelf, not the loudest but I have a car for that... It was a bass heavy track with some weird soundscapes. As my boner got harder I finally blew my load on the little egg looking thing. Hope they still work. Here come the robots…

I paired these super quickly and I knew it would be easy but truthfully, if you can’t pair normal bluetooth in 2017 without having either a heart attack or a stroke then you have major technical ad health issues to address. Have you hit you activity metrics this month? Second You problem.


I got all giddy when I first put them in. Compared to any other bluetooth headphones. These were so light and felt truly portable. The style fits me luckily but you must have weird ear canals if these don’t fit. I see Apple making these better and might offer something to air them fit different. I am sure third parties could make something too like a cover that makes them a bit larger, not smaller though :(. Again, not an Apple problem. That’s a you problem too.

Sound Quality

I put on the same song and because I have Apple Music I was able to instantly compare the difference, as my pc pauses when I play on my phone with my single device account, I actually find this to be a feature more than anything.

Instantly I was blown away, not because I paid 250 CAD and expected them to be good. But because they sound fucking amazing for the size and weight. I switched to my JBL E40 Bluetooth headphones and of course the AirPods didn’t sound as good but they sounded pretty fucking close. For the package, I salute you Apple.

First World Apple Problems

If you expect these to sound any better you have to be fucking crazy. Honestly, they are the smallest earbuds around and don’t sound as bad as most fashion brands and nearly as good as my wired KRK headphones, yes, K R fucking K’s.

If you need better quality pop in or on a better pair of cans. These are meant for portability. You must not have a car or nice home system to expect a lot more from these. For everything, including top notch audio quality, there is a time and a place. It’s not hard to bring a better pair around because these are so small. You problem.


Yeah there aren’t many controls but I will keep using my Apple Watch because it’s sweet. If you need to control your music too much from headphones because you can’t use your watch or phone, that’s another you problem.


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I’m more excited about these than any headphone I have purchased. Yeah, they don’t sound like a thousand dollar setup. But you need to stop expecting that Apple can fix the worlds problems in a small box.

Some background on my 20 years of listening to music more than I talk to human beings. I have spent thousands of dollars on headphones, earbuds, audio systems, Bluetooth speakers and computer speakers style setups. As well as thousands more on professional grade live equipment and recording equipment. I’m not an audiophile by any means but I’d like to call myself a purist. I prefer brands (or models) of headphones and speakers that are NOT tuned with exaggerated lows, superficial miss, or unbalanced highs. Musicians make music a certain way and it should be heard with equalization. That’s my take on audio and music devices as a background to my experience with too much music. I have no life either and make music myself.

Christopher Miller
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