Thanks for giving us a detailed insight into your thought process Chrysan!
Tanveer Chandok

Thanks for the kind words, Tanveer Chandok!

Happy to share my design tools. I create all my wireframes in Sketch. Then, I export them into Principle to animate. From Principle, you can export as GIFs.

Principle is a new tool that I’m learning. There are definitely pros and cons… The biggest con is that you really need to have a clean Sketch file and all the layers properly named. This project was actually the first time I picked up Principle so it is definitely possible to learn and implement quickly! And fortunately, there are lots of good tutorials on Youtube :)

Another “tool” that I’m currently using for animations is actually… keynote lol. Yes, the one people usually use for slide decks. I discovered this video on using keynote for UI animations, and it inspired me to start using keynote as a “thriftier” way to create basic animations quickly to show developers.

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