Getting your designs in front of people who aren’t designers.

Imagine a table, with your designs in the middle and the people who usually give feedback sat around it. Who are these people? Probably other designers, a product manager, sometimes stakeholders, maybe even a user or two. But how often is it someone from the customer care team, someone from HR or marketing?

As designers, we can identify when something goes against a common pattern and we are great at empathising on behalf of users. But, we’re limited in that we can’t consider everything from every angle. …

It’s time to talk sustainability.

‘The same design that fuels mass consumption also holds the power to change the world’ — David Berman

We live in a world that is greatly shaped by design, without design you wouldn’t have stop signs or traffic lights, nor would you even have an iPhone. In the 1940s, design convinced millions of people to pick up smoking. Whilst today, design tells society to quit.

Redesigning error pages.

Mistakes are a part of life and you shouldn’t avoid making them. Instead, embrace them, they’re a chance for us to grow and be better. The way you respond to a mistake affects the eventual outcome of a situation.

In the same vicinity, the way that your website responds to a mistake can affect the outcome of a user’s journey. A negative response could push a user to click the dreaded back arrow and leave your site.. & probably never return. Whilst a positive response could turn a moment of annoyance into a moment of delight, smooothing out the friction.

Chrystal King

Product designer at Depop. I design all sorts of cool stuff.

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