Carpark Access — More Incompetence from our Management Company

Here is another example of our management company flushing our money down the toilet with abandon. The metal grill door and key code/card reader system was originally installed as part of a hair-brained scheme which a former director concocted to turn our private residents carpark into a public one which he could charge fees for.

The carpark idea was part of a larger, more grandiose, plan to repurpose our management company as a commercial operation which would eventually provide services to other apartment blocks across the docklands. This expansion was to have been funded by revenue from schemes like the car park one. The same director would effectively have become CEO of the entire operation, complete with his own office in a room just off the carpark. Sadly for him, construction had begun, but was never completed due to him being voted off the board of management by frustrated owners.

The public car park scheme was eventually shot down. The management company found out the hard way that it’s actually quite difficult to convert a private carpark into a commercial public one when you don’t actually have planning permission for it (so much for due diligence prior to starting building works).

In addition, the logistics of the endeavour doomed it to failure as the parking spots are actually too small to use for a public car park (thanks to poor planning of the layout by the original developers).

The apartment owners would also have had the problem of their cars being bumped and scratched by random vehicles coming and going at all hours of the day. Of course the owners were never given a vote on this. The carpark idea was all done behind the scenes and deliberately kept under wraps.

Now back to the key code/card reader system: this was installed to block public access to and from the carpark. This has a number of problems:

  • Someone pointed out that blocking egress from the car park had the unintended consequence of turning the car park into a death trap in the event of a fire or some other similar emergency. This forced the management company to install the green emergency door releases you see here in the picture.
  • The problem now is that the code/card reader no longer blocks egress from the car park as it can be overridden by the emergency door release. Anyone can tailgate into the car park, and let themselves out via the door release. This will trigger an alarm, which helps alert security (sorry, 24 hour Helpline which hopefully someone might eventually answer). Of course if the person with criminal intent is quick on their feet, they can still exit the complex in a matter of seconds.
  • Ingress to the carpark is still blocked. So in the event of a fire, a hapless resident is probably on their own if the cannot let themselves out without assistance.
  • Finally, it’s very easy to trip the alarm on the door release panel as it has a free-moving hinge mechanism. So expect lots of false alarms to be generated if people so much as touch the things.

This is one of many examples where our management company’s lack of common sense and foresight costs the residents precious money and puts their lives in danger.

Note to tenants: always remember that any increase in management fees as a result of this kind of incompetence on the part of our management company will inevitably be passed on to you via higher rents.

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