Why the size of a company can be a big differentiator for a job seeker

The size of a company can be a big differentiator for a job seeker to decide whether to work for the company or not. Having the experience of working in an organization as big as Google and in a start-up with only dozens of employees, I would like to share my observations for those who are having difficulties making this decision.

The Background

Gogolook is a start-up software company based in Taipei, Taiwan with about 50 full-time employees. Gogolook’s main product is Whoscall, which is a mobile app that identifies unknown callers for users. I worked at Gogolook as a full-time product…

After I joined Google as a design intern, I was asked over and over about my experiences at everyone’s dream company. I’ve collected my answers to the most frequently asked questions — including information on my intern project, the training courses and mentoring that I received, how interns are evaluated, and the opportunity to convert to a full-time role.

Q: What’s the project that you work on and how it is defined?

I was provided with the context of my intern project early, at the same time as my team-matching interview. A candidate can decide whether he or she wants to work for the team based on not only the product but also…

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The background

Team setting

I’m a UX design intern on Google’s Shopping UX team. Our team is responsible for not only consumer-facing shopping products but also for the operation tools that Google makes for merchants to fulfill orders.

Intern project

My intern project is to design a new feature for one of the fulfillment tools that help merchants process orders. …

Sophia Chiu

Interaction Designer @Google, HCI grad from UMSI

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