As a standard, I use the first letter of each atomic layer on the classification of the elements inside the sketch. That is only my convention. B for Boson, A for Atom, M for Molecule, and so on.
Mirrored atomicity: designers and developers speaking the same language
Vitor Guerra

This first letter convention is a good idea. At the moment, I am investigatig AirBnB’s React Sketch App ( AND/OR the best way to back my Sketch designs into the frontend framework that dev team is using.

Currently, I need to find the best way to design for Tachyons + Material Design & iOS Design guides.

Naming rectangles the appropriate Tachyon class(es) seems most feasible. then, copy CSS from InVision (when feasible) into the same Tachyon CSS varialbe.

So very compelx.

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