Living in essence is an insistence of existence. In itself, we seek reasoning and justifications. We assert it with great plans, dreams, causes, and love. Or we simply choose to become a vulgar, and claim the nonsense of our existence at all. From time to time, great wars, political movements, or lovely literature happened in the long path of human history. But after all the bloodshed and endeavors, they only become a lecture or merely a topic after dinner.

A majority of the population wouldn’t even bother to think about these questions in their entire life. There would be nothing relevant to honor, integrity, justice, or any higher moral causes. What happened beyond the neighborhood would be out of their concerns at all. All they care about is their family, children, parents, work, repairs of their houses, and their pension after retirement. It takes the least for politicians to do to satisfy a majority group of people in the world.

It is the minority of the population that would think. However, the unfortunate thing is that very few of them would be able to think throughly through even one philsosphical problem at all. They proclaim to be able to understand, but they get mostly confused about things that they thought they understand. They create a world in their mind that mostly makes themself as a most necessary component of the future world. Most of them are called philosophers, idealists, students, writers, etc. They sound very eloquent but do least in practice. They write books and construct theories. It would be very great things in life, but also gets criticized by people constantly. They become increasingly satisfied with their own closed world of theories and world views by adding more and more convincing evidences in favor of their assertations. However, some of the world views are biased in the first place, so they get ultimately defeated upside down. And those theory believers would always go to the opposite extreme and become idealess.

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