I’m sorry Ana Marie but I found your first podcast incredibly boring.
Pafnuty Tchebycheff

I fully agree but let me expand. I criticize the podcast for taking at face value the pastor’s comment that his people “weren’t fooled.” Wait a minute. That could mean any number of things.

Ok, so they know he bragged about sexual assault and has a weird obsession with his daughter, hates Mexicans, etc. But…were they “not fooled” in the sense that they understood what Trump U was all about? Did they actually understand that he had multiple bankruptcies in the gambling industry at a time when the rest of the industry was booming? Did they know that he couldn’t qualify for a gambling license in Las Vegas? That no American banks will lend to him? Did they understand that he used charitable donations received from third parties to pay for settlement of his own law suits? If the “weren’t fooled” by him, then how much of these things did they actually comprehend and yet still vote for him? My guess is that they just “weren’t fooled” in the sense that they knew he was boorish and obnoxious. I get the idea of knowing that and saying “so what?”

Were they “not fooled” with respect to the false criticisms of Hillary Clinton? Did they know that she wasn’t even accused of doing anything with her home email server that was illegal? Did they believe she murdered Vince Foster? Did they believe CGI was some big money laundering machine?

Seriously, if you are going to let some clown say “my people weren’t fooled; they understood who they were voting for,” that doesn’t say much. My guess is that they were totally fooled, and voluntarily so. And that’s the story she missed.

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