A Proposal to Bridge the Gap Between Organizational Theory and Practice
Tim Casasola


I think what you are proposing might still be tied to the hierarchical factory system, and it’s feeder system - colleges, both of which business is leaving behind. If we rehumanize the workplace by giving people their brains back, and treat them like adults (some people call that self-management), we don’t need to design the organization. It designs itself around what adults at work need in order to live in community.

I’m not sure we need more I/O Psych or Org Design in business, both of which are vestiges of the Industrial Age. We simply need passionate leaders who describe Participation and Sharing organizations clearly for everyone involved, and who will then be willing to get out of the way and let it happen - organically, intuitively, reflexively, and adaptively. Ground up, not top down.

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