Sold Out

So you voted for Trump and you’re not racist, sexist, homophobic or generally stupid. Ok I’ll buy it, but let’s be clear you are complicit!

When you decided to participate in this convenient experiment that white privilege extends to you and not us you sold us out. For us, this is real life. We don’t have any privilege that allows us to go peacefully through our lives while being attacked by the racist, sexist and generally insane people that you just enabled to open season on us.

I want you to remember your choice when we need you, because we will need you in ways that you for some reason couldn’t imagine. And if you fail to meet the call when needed I will remind you that you aren’t racist so your humanity dictates that you remedy the problems you created when you voted to support a racist.

In return, I promise that I will be there for you to, because you don’t realize it now but they will be coming for you in ways that you can’t imagine. My humanity dictates that too. After all of this is over, if our union survives it. I hope we never have to warn you again. While it’s easy for you to chose to not be racist and support one anyway. It’s not an option for the rest of us.