6 Ides for Pandora

I love Pandora. The majority of the time that I listen to Pandora is when I am doing deep work or working out, hence the beauty of having the Pandora algorithm suggest songs I like; a far less burdensome method than a model where I have to create my own playlist.

That said, below is a list of things that I would love to see Pandora implement or improve:

  1. When I create a new station based on a specific song, I would like the ability to have the station play songs that are similar, not artists that are similar. For example, I’m Serious, by T.I. is a great pump-up/workout song, but is in an “early 2000’s hiphop” genre, a genre that I love, but I don’t want to workout to. Instead, there should be an option in the algorithm that matches the station to songs of similar BPM, pace, and intensity.
  2. Thumb up or thumb down for ads. The free version has to have ads; I get it. That is a major revenue stream to allow me to continue to listen to free music. I support that. However, I don’t need car insurance, so a Geico ad is wasted on me. Allow me to down-vote ads that aren’t relevant to me as a consumer in order to better target products I may use.
  3. Paid ad skip. Create the ability to skip an ad for $0.10. Sometimes you’d just rather skip an ad to stay focused on a task, but don’t want to make the full jump to Pandora One. Let me skip the ad for a fixed price.
  4. Play commercials in accordance with the music genre. If I am listening to the “Classical for Studying” Station, play advertisements that are quieter and/or are more relevant. A Rosetta Stone language software, or Audible commercial would make sense from an intellectual perspective for this genre more than an ad for Sports Clips would.
  5. Location-based artists. If I’m listening to “New Music Radio” and I live in Chicago, feature Chance the Rapper or other artists from the area. This will be tougher in smaller areas, but achievable in big cities.
  6. Allow musicians that are coming to a town to purchase the ability to have their songs played more frequently in their genre in that location or create their own station that is suggested, if my other interests align with that artist’s music.

Those are the thoughts that come to mind right now. I’ll update this list as I have more opinions.

What would you add? Let me know!