Don’t be safe, be daring.

Be safe. Two words we say almost everyday in life. Typically, we say it out love for someone. Of course we want the people we love to “be safe.” But shouldn’t we say something more like, “love you…be daring”.

See that second floor? Well, that kids was my first apartment. A small little one bedroom place. Nineteen years old, in love, in college, ready to start a life with someone, settle down and have kids.,etc. I lived there for a bit before before getting married. So damn young. To help take money off the rent we both did odd jobs around the place. Seems like a lifetime ago. I’ve driven by it a few times in the past, asking myself questions about life. Had plenty of great times there, was probably way too young to get married at the time. Being a guy at 20 basically means emotionally you’re about 15…pretty much. Lots of growing up was done very fast. Grateful for all of it for sure.

So where am I going with this?

You know they say you can always “go home” and I’ve been “home”, in this area, for almost two years now. But here’s the thing. After leaving and experiencing so many other things, people and places one comes to realize that for me, home just represents safety. Playing it safe, following the rules, staying in a bubble in anything in life is not a good thing. It lulls us into a false sense of security. Be it career, relationships, the people you hang with, the same places you go, the routine you have…it’s all safety. Safety stagnates a life. It wraps its arms around you and tells you everything is ok, just let me hold you and it will all be ok.

So whether it’s everything from the restaurants you frequent, to your circle of friends you have, to your personal relationships, to the career you choose to where you live, know this, you don’t “have to go home” and if you do…you don’t have to stay.

Love you all….be daring.

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