Every business regardless of size needs authentic photography

Here’s the deal. You need authentic photography to tell your story.

I know a bunch of you are business owners out here in social media land. I’ve also heard stuff like, “I doubt I could afford you to do work.” If you’re a small sole proprietor or a small business owner you deserve great photography for your business. It simply does not matter the size of your business and if you have a big budget. I truly believe you all should have great photography and be treated the same as a big business or ad agency. A photographer should take the time to present a portfolio for you, listen to you, talk about your goals, offer suggestions, give you a proposal, agree upon a delivery timeline and execute the photography for you. They also should check in on you occasionally and establish a long lasting business friendship. It’s what YOU do for your customers……right?

For example, Jeremy and Cody at City Butcher are a small business and with that have long term business goals but didn’t have a large budget for photography. As we sat down to meet, showing them a specialize portfolio they said, “after seeing you work and your website we almost called off the meeting…we didn’t think we could afford you.” I’m so glad they didn’t. Out of 150 people emailing them I was the only guy who walked in the door introduced myself and scheduled a portfolio and needs assessment meeting with them.

For them it was just not product photography but also the experience of eating at their place. They understand building brand and fans by simply being themselves. It’s a place that virtually sells outs of product each day. They have passion for their business and want each customer to not just spend a few bucks for food. They want them to come back again and again. If you’re in Springfield,or the area, be sure to stop by and get some really good BBQ!! It rocks!

All you business owners out there drop me a line and let me show why each and every one of you needs authentic photography to tell the story of you and your business.