Take the Two Minutes in Mobile Post

All you photo fans using your mobile to get photos. How did I shoot this photo? When shooting buildings on your mobile you might notice some distortion on the edges of the picture.

The wider the lens and shooting something tall gets you a bunch of perspective problems. It would always drive me nuts to look at photo, when I was the Chief Photographer at The University of Kansas, to see these beautiful buildings “bending in”. After a while I even fell into the trap of not fixing it in post sometime.

Mobile spends up the process making things so much faster for simple corrections, adjustments and even enhancements.

Below you’ll see a before and after of the shot I put up this morning. I used a very reasonably priced app called SKRWT to fix the problem. I shot this with the iPhone using an add on wide lens from Moment. By using the lens, SKRWT and “light/sun”enhancement with the app. Lens Distortions, I got a pretty cool shot.

The whole editing process took literally two minutes. Moral of the story…there’s always time for a little clean up. Any questions, feel free to drop them below

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