10 outrageously valuable benefits of brainstorming tools

Chuck Frey
Apr 4, 2018 · 4 min read

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, you need every edge you can get. One that most people tend to overlook is brainstorming tools. These hand-held and software-based tools act as catalysts to supercharge your muse, so you can be at your creative best, on demand.

Here are some of the amazing benefits they offer:

On-demand brainstorming: Brainstorming tools are easily portable, so you can be creative any time, anywhere. This is significant because years of creativity research agrees that we tend to be most creative anywhere BUT out office environment.

Creative blocks be gone: They help you smash through creative blocks and generate ideas when you need them. Your brain works by association. Stimulus response. Action reaction. Give it a bit of creative stimuli, and it will bubble up ideas and inspirations you didn’t even know were there.

Remove your creative blinders: Brainstorming tools help you break you out of rutted paths of thinking, which usually only result in incremental improvements to your creative challenge. Why does this matter? We all tend to take the path of least resistance when it comes to creativity. We stop with the first “right” idea. We prefer incremental, “safe” ideas. But to help our organizations and clients succeed, we need to think farther afield — beyond our well-worn paths of “normal” thinking.

A world of possibilities: Brainstorming tools help you think divergently, considering a much wider range of possibilities and opportunities than you would otherwise. The more possibilities you can imagine, the more you have to work with. You aren’t obligated to implement that totally crazy, out there idea. But it CAN serve as a stepping-stone to a marvelous solution that is just right for your challenge.

Randomness — it’s a GOOD thing when you’re brainstorming: Brainstorming tools inject a much-needed element of serendipity into your creative process. Diverse stimuli — words, pictures, stories and the like — get your brain thinking in new directions, exploring a wealth of possibilities that you wouldn’t normally think of.

Got a good idea? That’s great. Now keep going: Brainstorming tools help you overcome the bias toward “the first right idea” by prompting you to keep going and capture every idea the tools stimulate. The way to come up with an amazing idea is to generate a lot of them. Then seek to combine, improve and cull your ideas, to identify those with the greatest potential value. The other benefit of pushing beyond the first right idea is that when we start brainstorming, the first ideas we think of tend to be the “low-hanging fruit.” Easy to pick, but not very valuable. The big ideas emerge after you have worked your way through the easy, low-value ones. They exist at the edges of your thinking. That means you must be persistent to uncover them. Creativity experts recommend brainstorming for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Level up your team’s creative energy: Brainstorming tools are easy and fun to use. That means they tend to stimulate more and better ideas in group brainstorming sessions — even those team members who don’t believe they’re creative. They also encourage introverts to become active and share their ideas. If you an get them to share, you may be AMAZED by the ideas and insights they have!

Everyone should play: Brainstorming tools help your team members let their guard down and start using those marvelous brains of theirs to contribute to your brainstorming session. Play is an essential part of brainstorming. It frees our brains to think without shackles and limitations. And that’s exactly what you want.

Your boss will appreciate your ideas: Brainstorming tools can can help you add value to your work like never before. It can also help you differentiate your contribution and increase your odds of promotion and getting selected for special projects. To be fair, your boss won’t value ALL of your ideas. But what he or she WILL appreciate is that you’ve made a commitment to think creatively about the business. That will definitely differentiate you in his or her mind!

Creativity matters more than ever: Your success depends to an increasing degree on the quality of your ideas — and what you make of them! Today’s turbulent business environment means it’s no longer good enough to simply “check your brain at the door” — which was the norm of most businesses for decades. Creativity was the purview of an anointed few — the senior management team, the marketing department or a special off-site “skunkworks” team that was responsible for innovation.

Today, a growing number of organizations want their employees to bring their creative A-game to work every day. They need your ideas and are open to them like never before.

Get a leg up on your peers: In today’s hyper competitive world, brainstorming tools represent a potent edge that you can use to accelerate your career. Because so few people are aware of them, that makes them an even bigger advantage for you.

A creative mindset enables you to see possibilities and opportunities that your peers can’t even begin to imagine.

Time to get busy!

The famous author Jack London once said, “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get busy creating your future, using your marvelous brain with brainstorming tools!

Click here to download a list of the 9 best hand-held, web-based and mobile brainstorming tools available anywhere.

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