WRONGSPEAK: The Left’s Orwellian Takedown of Free Speech & Individual Will

Chuck Hägen
May 21, 2019 · 10 min read

MAINSTREAM AND SOCIAL MEDIA’S CURRENT obsession with misrepresenting the Trump administration as a collective of elderly fascists hellbent on controlling the planet through Orwellian-style implementations, all while perilously providing the lunatic ravings of the fringe-left a free pass, is as volatile an ethos as it is absolutely deceiving. Here’s why.

When George Orwell referred to the ‘unperson’ in his prophetic Nineteen Eighty-Four novel, he was explicitly describing a circumstance involving the ‘vaporisation’ of anyone deemed a dissident individual. In the book, any human with the gall to question the rampant irrationality spewed forth from the echo chambers — a script of irrationality so inherently suited to only the most convoluted doctrine of mainstream groupthink — is secretly murdered and erased from society, the present, the universe, and existence. The heterodox is vaporised and rendered an unperson, and the systematic abolition of critical thought gleefully chug-a-lugs along to the favour of the Party, to the detriment of the individual. Sound familiar? Welcome to 2019: the new 1984.

“Fascism says what you and I experience as facts or what reporters experience as facts are irrelevant. All that matters are impressions and emotions and myths.”


Fascism in the Western World is no longer the sole domain of the far-right. In an extraordinary world where cultural Marxism has co-opted postmodernism via the bombast of a few blue-checked ‘journalists’ hellbent on the propagation of ethos by clickbait, where intellectualism and critical thought are drowned in the rabid swim of pink-haired, bespectacled fascists disguised as “woke” virtue signallers, and where the topsy-turviness of the left’s censoring of free speech and the right’s distrust of government intelligence befuddles a once clear path to righteousness, we exist with the perpetual fear of expressing any semblance of an opinion. We are governed by the sheer arrogance of a vocal moral minority; to blame, the deceptively restructured coastal universities and the social retardation of Silicon Valley.


Historically, individual will and free thought has been the archenemy of the far right, or in certain cases, failed communist and socialist leftist states. Nixonian suffocation at the maliciously zealous hand of voyeurism, Reagan totalitarianism via the pointy end of a death squad bayonet, Stalinist Russia, Ceausescu’s Romania, Hitler, Mussolini, even the fascist-lite stylings of Castro’s Cuba, have all set the modern template for perfect, efficient, as-the-crow-flies authoritarianism in just four easy steps: reject modernism, destroy individualism, suffocate free speech, and enforce the cult of action for action’s sake. It’s a tried and true avenue to absolute power, and now, in Trumpian 2019, here we are again.

But it’s not just Trump to blame…

ANTIFA forging a path for free speech suppression

In 2017, a titanic event, so crucial to the very future of the fabric of free speech and common sense, occurred at a university in the mostly progressive city of Olympia, Washington. An evolutionary biology professor, flummoxed at the college board’s perceivably dangerous rhetoric against caucasians, particularly males, reached boiling point at the implementation of one dedicated day per year when white students were not allowed to attended classes. Bret Weinstein, a lifelong progressive, now labelled a NAZI white supremacist by students, fellow professors and board members alike of the decreasingly sought-after Evergreen University, diplomatically expressed his concerns regarding the ethics of the ill-advised campaign, an action that ultimately led to the demise of his professorial career at his beloved Evergreen, at the hands of despotic, radical left-wing children who cannot see beyond their own misinformed ideals and philosophies that ironically promote the most fascistic, racist, and misogynistic ethos of all. Yes, that old chestnut has risen its ugly head once more: political correctness has gone mad. Only now, PC culture has reached a militant tipping point that can only end in one of two results: a) hopefully soon it will all go away, or, b) the left will end up eating itself. It’s a promotion of tolerance towards only those who agree with you, a savage linguistic trap designed to weed out those who dare to maintain an opposing, critically thought-out view. It’s freedom of speech, just watch what you say. Wrongspeak. Orwell would be proud.

This is how extremism is created. This, is how we are radicalised. This is how Trump got in in the first place! The dull, dry, bubble-wrapped doctrine of the fringe left, now adopted by the establishment left, the restructuring of coastal universities to deliberately exclude conservatives from the right to speak, learn, and propagate a differing ideology, the artificial exaggeration of left and right polarisation at the hands of an egomaniacal, holier-than-thou Silicon Valley, have all led to the precarious position many of us find ourselves in in the current climate; muted and baffled. Muted and baffled at the cat-lady ramblings of a lunatic fringe who passionately promulgate such nonsense as, “Men can have babies and menstruate too”, and, “Men and women are exactly the same”, and, “Transgender men have every right to participate in women’s sport.” Disagree, play devil’s advocate, or dare to even contemplate that perhaps those notions are utterly insane, and lookout, because the once peace-loving, tolerant left, a left that I was once a proud part of, will dox you, ruin your career, and given half-a-chance, assault you to within an inch of your life. Sadly, this is not an exaggeration.

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For the sake of a healthy, functioning society, social discourse is an absolute necessity and must, on an intellectual level at least, be encouraged at any given opportunity. Great revolutions have been won, dictatorial governments overturned, ethical laws passed, oppressions abolished, rights allowed, all as a result of a unified, honed and focused action of social discourse. Socialism, not a dirty word, but a wonderful virtue that could so easily be embraced by all within the context of a mixed capitalist economy, only to be continually pack-raped by the establishment press at the behest of the military industrial complex, is made to appear threatening to the ideals of conservatives — the very people that socialist activist groups are desperate to win over — by a rabid left determined to portray a militant third-world imagery to a nervous public on our city streets. From my own disillusioning experiences as a Young Socialist in 1990s Melbourne, Australia, I can safely suggest that this is not the way to win over the centrists and the right. In fact, this thuggish style of anti-intellectual street action only serves to piss off a whole bunch of people once thought onside.

Herein lies the joke: a quick glimpse into the life of an ANTIFA member, or anyone with a mantra of misguided, leftist militance, pushes forward the illusion of bravery, of integrity, of honour, of a sheen of toughness to be respected; admired. But trigger one of these pathetic souls even just a minuscule amount, and the facade crumbles like the faux-meat they had for brunch.

The ethos is flimsy; take rational feminist Christina Hoff-Sommers’ recent experience when guest lecturing at Ohio’s Oberlin College:

“I lectured at Oberlin College. They were booing and hissing and carrying on. They were yelling that women are being cheated out of everything. So I told them that, “Right now, today, you can take a step towards closing the wage gap. Don’t major in feminist dance therapy, major in electrical engineering!” I told them that there are market forces that will dictate how much a certain profession will get paid. I guess that triggered them… then thirty people, one with a therapy dog, walked out and went to their safe space; a room filled with beanbags and flowers and videos of puppy dogs.”

The ill-equipped academia of western universities is where the fascism begins. Out in the real world, while we toil in the coal mines, tend to dying patients, laugh at rape jokes all the while knowing that it is just that, a joke, fight wars for corporate greed, and strain our backs catering to the whim of the rich for ten dollars an hour, college students, looking like a classroom of faceless drones in a Pink Floyd video, pore over the crucial pointlessness of gender identity, worldwide suppression at the hands of a non-existent patriarchy, and the biggest farce of the 21st century to date, intersectional politics. All the while deceptive academics, displaying the responsibility to a future society in much the same way a piranha displays a complete lack of interest in biting chunks out of your eyeballs, spew forth their toxic projectile, allowing these poor saps the privilege of believing that even outside the realm of their incestuous filter bubbles, the world is on their side. The reality is that most of the world’s population is not.

Which absurd gender are you?

Obviously, it is none of my business what people believe, how they identify, or how they choose to live their lives — I couldn’t care less. Until of course one of us is confronted by a masked, leftist mob willing to perpetrate anonymous ultra-violence on anyone who chooses to follow the virtuous path of common sense. Now I care. Call yourself whatever the hell you want, but if I happen to mistake your vegan-pasty, bespectacled face for a masculine one and call you — shock horror — a man, kindly please fuck off before your outrage hits boiling point. We don’t have to agree: you can call me a femme, butch, epicene, transgender alternative demigirl, if that will make you feel better. I truly don’t mind. Sadly, oddly, those who do not agree, or simply cannot be bothered kowtowing to a belligerent left, cock-drunk on their newfound self-righteous authoritarianism, are swiftly labelled as alt. right adjacent. Yes, alt. right adjacent. That’s six degrees of what the fuck, right there. Unfortunately, within the transcript of this tragic comedy, the ironic nature that floodlights the pure short-sightedness of this neo-moral majority is wholly lost — left wing, science-denying atheism is actually the new fundamental Christianity.

“This isn’t any different to feral team sports tribalism.”

Where the censorship of free speech becomes dangerous, where the soulless attempt to cease laughter, to cotton-wool the soul to the point where hardening-up in the preparation for adult life is rendered impossible, is in the left’s latest trend of protecting the fragility of those only on their team — and let’s keep this real; this isn’t any different to feral team sports tribalism — by blatantly refusing to accept scientific fact. During this cultural war, we have bore witness to some horrific left-driven smear campaigns against those dare speak any truth. Take sensible women’s rights activist Meghan Murphy: her factual, down the line Twitter comment stating that “men aren’t women though” saw a campaign of online bullying against her, including threats of violence, rape, calls for doxing, actual doxing, and several attempts at ruining her career, all without punishment or consequence unto the perpetrators. The culmination? For her factually accurate statement, for her real life trauma, Meghan Murphy, a verified Twitter user, was banned from the platform. If this doesn’t drive home just what Silicon Valley’s long term agenda is, then nothing will.

These potentially catastrophic strategies were once the holy bastion of the far right who utilised televised religion, compulsory Christian prayer in public schools, and a heavily decoyed war on drugs to play a major role in the deceiving, silencing and brainwashing of a pre-internet-wise public. Once, the protections of our given birthright to freedom of speech were always fought for by the left. Intellectualism belonged to us. Human rights belonged to us. Common sense belonged to us. Now, in a new age of decoy, an age of mythical gender wage gaps, of counter-intuitive fourth-wave feminism, of fake news, of radical intersectionalism, of the across-the-board banning of right-leaning speakers in universities, of banning the right to criticise violent ideology, of comedian arrest for a socially provocative joke, and a limbo-low threshold for supposed hate speech, it is the increasingly Orwellian left that are strategically plotting autonomous control of the very Brave New World that Huxley warned us about all those years ago.

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Aside from a greedy few, the rest of us need not label ourselves. We have not altered our fundamental hope for a more socially responsible, tolerant world. It’s just that the goalposts have shifted to the point where the far left has disappeared over the western horizon. Tolerance is the new intolerance, and progressive society has become so intensely foul-tasting that the sake of future humanity truly is something worth weeping for. And the universities? The once valuable institutions whose very lifeblood ran on the sciences, practical knowledge and critical thought, have become crumbling wrecks sifting a putrid rubble through the fingers of a misinformed minority whose sole purpose is to drive an even bigger wedge between an already fractured and demarcated society. Let’s hope that a natural course prevails, where the left really does it eat itself, lest protest votes once more re-elect an intolerable Trump in 2020, and you, the potential unperson, becomes vaporised.

Images courtesy of Twitter, Newsweek, Kenan Malik, and the F.E.E.

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