men get fewer matches and swipe more aggressively as a result, and women swipe more and more selectively because they’re getting too many matches.
Is This The Way Our Sex Lives End?
Nick Irving

I would like to point out that this is precisely why fuckboi’s exist. Women tend to swipe only on the top 20% — and really, only on the top 5% with any true regularity.

So if you’re that guy — let’s call him Chad — why would you ever settle down? You literally have an endless supply of women throwing themselves at you on a regular basis.

Also why I laugh a little when women complain about the fact the men they meet online don’t want a long term or serious relationship… again, why would they? I’ll help you out — if a guy’s over 30 and has never been married or had a long term relationship, chances are that’s not what he’s looking for. And if he’s Chad — you know, the super hot guy every girl swipes on — then for sure he’s not looking for a long term relationship. Again, why would he?

Again, the sooner we can convince everyone to delete the apps and get back to meeting people IRL, the better.