Republicans are partisan hacks in a way Democrats just aren’t.

Not sure how many of you saw this, but it was when Donald Trump decided to bomb Syria.

To be fair it was a rather limited action. A few hundred tomahawks, an airfield, a few casualties.

But what was interesting about it was this:

Under both Obama and Trump, Democrats supported military action equally. Sure, support fell by 1 percent — but that’s statistically insignificant.

What’s crazy is the Republican side.

Under Obama, only 22 percent favored strikes against Syria.

But under Trump? That number jacked up by 64 percent to 86%, nearly 9 in 10 supporting action.

That is fucking astonishing. And it’s also telling.

Republicans are partisan hacks.

Sorry, but that’s just plainly true at this point. Otherwise we’d see torches and pitchforks in the streets and a lot of white guys with guns driving around threatening people (the latter is already a reality for anyone of color).

Like seriously, what would Republicans be saying if Hillary fucking Clinton had leaked classified, highly confidential information… to the Russians… after firing the FBI director… for his investigation into whether she colluded with… the Russians…


Oh, and then it came out that she also pressured the FBI director she just fired to end the inquiry on her former national security advisor, who had to resign for lying about contacts with… the Russians.

I mean, she’d be dead by now. Impeached, charged with treason, and executed old school by a firing squad.

But Donald Trump is a Republican. He’s their guy. And when the next set of polls come out, he’ll have over 70% support among the elephants. Or more.

Does this man realize how fucking scary that shirt is? And I’m fucking white.

You see, the kind of person who watches Fox News, listens to Info Wars, and/or reads Breitbart, Drudge, or Red State, is either too dumb and angry to realize how dumb and angry they are — or they’re just huge fucking assholes (I suppose option three would be a completely selfish, rich-corporate fuck, but by definition they fall into the latter)…

Those are the only people who support him anymore.

Everyone else can see our President is a delusional, narcissistic joke of a leader. A petty idiot who’s taking the taxpayers for a ride he doesn’t even understand he’s on.

Like, I mean, it’s pretty clear he’s an awful, awful man.

And you know what, if you’re not one of those people who support Trump, don’t be.

But if you are?

That’s bad.

Now, for the fucking rest of you: NPR, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, Fox News, and everyone else, let’s go ahead and stop with the false equivalency bullshit.

Because Democrats aren’t as bad as Republicans. It’s actually not even remotely close.

They’re hacks. And I could go on with example after example explaining it and proving it and citing all my sources, but all you really have to do is have your eyes open at this point.

It’s self evident — and given that that’s one of our founding ideals (thanks Jefferson), let’s go ahead and move on.

It’s also true he was a slave owner who had an affair with one of his slaves. But who’s counting, right?

Because false equivalence is why Donald Trump is our President. The press played the polls like a cash machine: hammer Trump cause he’s an idiot until he’s down 10–12 percent, then stir up the goddamn email story on Hillary, riding the profits like Scrooge McDuck diving into his fucking pool full of gold coins — and I’m not going to go through a laundry list of evidence to support this assertion either.

It’s self evident.

And so is this:

Republicans are partisan hacks in a way Democrats just aren’t.

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