decision to remove the headphone jack on the forthcoming new iPhone
The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

The frustrating aspect of these “proprietary connection” changes is that they aren’t across the board in Apple’s Hardware Ecosystem (let’s call it AHE). From 2007 to 2015, one iPhone 3-button headphone worked across all AHE Macs and iPads, offering control for pause/play and volume across all devices. But come September I’ll have to carry one set of headphones for the iPhone and another set for the rest of the AHE? Earlier we saw the MacBook sever connectivity with Apple’s Thunderbolt Display, and then Apple discontinued that display without offering an AHE alternative. What’s the point of trying to stay up-to-date within the AHE if the newest pieces within each line don’t work together? And it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a new iPad, you won’t get flagship iPhone features like 3D touch, so the user has an AHE experience that is inconsistent between iOS devices.

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