Navigating a Strip-Tease Dream

It’s late and I’m open to possibilities

Including a strip-tease dream with me,

A bumbling pantomime, putting on boxer

Shorts while trying to hide my groin behind

Half a towel and twisting myself in knots.

As ordained, a beautiful woman passes by

Coquettishly covering her face and looking

Through her fingers while I play

The matador waving a red flag for attention

Then getting out of the way of the beast

With the hot, foul breath pawing at me.

I know within the dream frame

This is dance and a manner so I am

Not reluctant to ask other women

In other rooms how to do “it,”

That is a sexual dance where

Only the hips and lips move.

One woman must have read my mind

Because she appears on schedule

To the tease of a can-can thump

While brandishing a large rope

I call a hawser that keeps me in check

And keeps me in line as other women

Join in a tight circle around me

Closing in with a luscious musical romp

Until I come up for air, fully spent

And now fully dressed, holding myself

Tight against hands that rule the night

While I try to outrun this highly

Sexualized, gorgeous Conga line.

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