(304) Men Who Don’t Address Their Misogyny
Classical Sass

Thanks. Good piece. I have spent some time in the territory you describe. The psychologist Carl Jung wrote extensively about the anima or female psyche within the male. From my years in the military, in steel mills, in universities and corporations I have come to believe this is man’s basic struggle — coming to grips with his anima. This is not about being “effeminate”; its finding that soulful, compassionate and imaginative place within. Some psychologists call this soul-making. This is my task. I don’t complete myself “within” by strutting through the public square spouting the febrile utterances of the men you describe. And I don’t project my failure to wrestle with my task on Her. I own this. And I will likely fall short. Jung wrote that such a union of “opposites” is not without pain, disruption and visitations from those ancient archetypes that still sting.

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