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📣 UPDATE (2020/03): Pssssst! Since the time I wrote this article I’ve co-founded a company that will interest you, aka Specify 👈

As you may have noticed, design systems is a hot topic in the industry right now. According to our dear Brad Frost:

“A design system is basically the story of how an organization builds a digital product” ~ Brad Frost, Brad Frost on Let’s Work Together! at SmashingConf Barcelona 2017

Within a company, a design system improves the collaboration between product teams. A common issue design and engineering teams are facing is sharing brand guidelines and interface information. What is designed should be respected during development but we all know it’s not that simple. Product teams need guidelines to ensure brand consistency. …

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Like a star compass, a website navigation system must help its users orient themselves within a site hierarchy.

Hi everyone! After finishing Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles written by our dear Ethan Marcotte I wanted to focus on one chapter in particular. The one talking about navigations. To me, there are one of the most important components of a website since they can easily orient our users if we designed them well.

The reason I wrote this article and made these pens is to present several ways of building a responsive navigation. The pens are not exactly the same code put in place on the website I took example of. …


Louis Chenais

💻 Front-end developer passionated by the web and co-founder of @specifyapp. Ex @SportEasy, @5emeGauche, @ultranoir and @hetic.

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