stay frosty

This is not political — let’s keep it that way please.
I understand people are angry — and I understand that some people are fuck-ups and do really bad things based on emotion — it never makes things easier to deal with regardless of who’s getting KIA on any side of any situation here in the states.

If you’re an LEO or if you’re a civilian… you must stay frosty and try the best you can to be situationally aware at all times… always do the best you can to protect yourself, your friends, your family, and those around you that need it when you can help.

There is a war going on whether or not you choose to open your eyes and accept it. The war is 10000 miles away… the war is 10 feet away. It comes to you. It happens faster than you can think. There is no logic; only emotion and religion; both are powerful and can be toxic. Laws can’t and won’t stop it. Tools of death are in all forms — we all have four of them attached permanently to our bodies (except some; and sorry i’m not addressing that properly). Death and evil, and whether we want to kill or protect another human, is in our minds; not in our hands. The war will never end. The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself and those around you for when it comes knocking. Because when it does; if you don’t react; you won’t be around to tell me about it. And I don’t want that for you.