The problem is, and this is why good science is lacking in this case, that good science always…
Chris Lochner

You’re right Chris, but there is more to this. It has to do with BIG money and politics. For example Al Gore stands to become a billionaire selling carbon credits. Of course Mr. Vice President Gore should be one of his own best customers, riding around in a fuel-guzzling private jet as do many others of the global-warming elites. The other charming side of this push by very special people for control of the environment is the creation of a second corner stone (after the UN) to help form the nightmare that many of us are trying to avoid, a world state. A world state is a device that would reduce the planet to a medium-low level of poverty, spread evenly, of course, between the soon-to-be defunct nations of the world, which, under a world state would cease to exist. Don’t you just love a one-size-fits-all kind of totalitarian dictatorship?

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