Chris Cornell

He Brought Beauty to Grunge

My parents have a favorite Christmas CD. It’s a collection of original and remixed holiday tunes by an eclectic group of artists. Nearly every song in the collection is pretty and catchy. The prettiest is below.

Chris Cornell passed away the other day. While he will rightfully be remembered for being the iconic frontman of Soundgarden and for lending his incredible pipes to side projects like Temple of the Dog and Audioslave, my favorite memories of Chris Cornell are of being inside on a cold, winter day and drinking hot chocolate with my family while his voice filled the house. His version of Ave Maria is stunningly beautiful, and leaves behind any doubt of his talent as an artist.

Whether he was softly brooding with his voice following a molasses pace or howling like he was on top of a mountain (the above song magnificently features both styles), Chris Cornell’s voice was always the star. With the gifted musicians that he fronted, this was no easy feat.

The most beautiful male voice that I’ve ever heard.

Rest in peace.

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