The other day I noticed Mark Suster migrated to Medium so naturally I started checking out his posts thinking I had missed some and an old blog tag line of his struck a chord: JFDI….Just F’ing Do it. If you haven’t read Mark’s JDFI well JFDI because it’s great. For this brain dump I’m not going to talk about what Mark wrote but I might crossover a few of his observations. Find out for yourself. JFDI.

To me this line of thought can go many ways. Hopefully it doesn’t motivate you to do something devious. What it should do is motivate you to put aside your fears and get off your ass. I also see the JFDI mentality efficiently used with startup entrepreneurs. In my experience, and I see it all the time, many “startups” never actually start.

So I suggest you the “startup” entrepreneur stop editing your business plan over and over; settle on a plan and go with it. There will be plenty of time for changes later. JFDI. Don’t tell me you can’t launch your social marketing awareness initiative because you don’t have investors, you don’t have a prototype, you don’t have whatever. JFDI. Want, no need, customers and their feedback? Go get it. JFDI. Think people are going to steal your plan? Don’t want to communicate what you’re up to? Holding off spending $100 to make an awesome website that effectively communicates what you are doing; one that can help you raise capital? JFDI. Start strong and start smart everyone. JFDI.

And while I’m at it I’m going to give myself some pointed advice: Chuck you started your own VC firm pretty much overnight…you went out and did it so congrats. It’s running like a $10,000,000 fund would from an operations/compliance standpoint but you raised less than that from investors. You rightfully thought it would be wise to cut your teeth, start slow, get some traction and then raise Fund 2. Guess what? JFDI. And now back to my brain dump.


Think you need to move to SV or NYC to make your startup pop? Well Don’t F’ing Do That…DFDT. Seriously, I can’t stand when entrepreneurs with little or no connection to SV, NYC or whatever city they fancy decide to quit their job and move to “make it happen”. What they are really doing is turning their back on their own community to make it happen. The same community they know like the back of their hand, where they have connections, where they can collect the same data points, get traction, prove their concept. You know that place where the entrepreneur could make it happen more efficiently. DFDT. Think it’s wise to quit your job before launch? DFDT. Hell consider keeping that job for the first 6–12 months. Sound body and sound mind is actually correlated to your success and if no income isn’t something you can handle for a long time DFDT.

I can and will run with DFDT so be on the lookout for DFDT Part 2 which will include bits on Name Dropping, Plans for World Domination from your bathroom in Hells Kitchen, Falling in love with the game and many more.