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How to Write Anything

This story is part of Forge’s How to Write Anything series, where we give you tips, tricks, and principles for writing all the things we write in our daily lives online, from tweets to articles to dating profiles.

When someone famous dies, first come the tweets. “RIP” after “RIP.” Strings…

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These are great days for sports fans. Eternal optimists in the face of season-ending injuries, unforeseen calamities and bullshit reffing, we’ve long been accustomed to our lives being rearranged by an indifferent universe and incompetent administration.

A walk-off, bloop single by their Mendoza Line utility infielder. Our big plans discarded…

Art: MRCokeley Design

Early in a now largely forgotten book from 2002 called War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, American journalist and ordained Presbyterian minister Chris Hedges makes a heretical declaration: “The enduring attraction of war is this: Even with its destruction and carnage, it can give us what we long…

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In 1979, Debbie Harry informed the world that she, like many of us, was prone to heartbreak. The song “Heart of Glass,” which she co-wrote and sang with her band Blondie, went to number one in the United States and around the world. …

Art: MRCokeley Design

About halfway into the 1984 film This is Spinal Tap — the trailblazing “rockumentary” that chronicles the career of fictional metal band Spinal Tap — bassist Derek Smalls (played by Harry Shearer) attempts to inject reason into a violent band argument about a new design for their stage show.


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There’s no more disreputable evangelist than the libertine who spends his youth lost in drink, drugs, and depravity, only to find religion, fetishize sobriety, and spend his life’s second act scolding others for indulging in the perdition he himself so copiously explored. But I think I’m about to become that…

Illustrations: Melanie Lambrick

By the time it was over, I half-expected a squad of cheerleaders dressed in Eisenhower-era outfits to charge out and exhort the crowd with an old-timey call-and-response: “Gimme a T! Gimme an A! Gimme an X!”

Instead, the two-day gathering of self-described Patriotic Millionaires in Washington D.C.’s …

Chuck Thompson

Author of five books including Better Off Without ’Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession, and the comic travel memoir Smile When You’re Lying.

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