People like farms, people like tiny tiny houses.
E. B. Klassen

I have this in mind for my future farm, whenever I might be able to realize that dream. Though I think of it more as a campground than a tiny home community, tiny homes or homes built using sustainable methods such as cob or strawbale could be as much of a draw. If it is in a vacation spot, some people come to relax and camp. Others come to spend a weekend or week in the type of home they are considering for their future, kind of a try before you buy experience.

Then having a farm with stuff for sale is the “side business” instead of the main attraction. I still would be able to grow my fruits, vegetables, and meat but a lot of the pressure of having a profitable farm is off with income coming from the rentals. When people purchase items to make for their dinner while staying is just a bonus. Add in you-pick orchards, strawberries, blueberries, etc. and people come for a weekend and go home with fresh food. A local farm near me has a few festivals a year to celebrate the seasons/ harvest times for certain crops. Add in rentals and people could stay all weekend to enjoy the activities.

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