Drake is a Pop Star, Stop Comparing Him to Other Rappers

Drake is a once in a generation artist who needs not to be put in a box musically.

This Canadian dude is the ultimate chameleon — is he a rapper or an R&B singer? Since he’s been out the answer hasn’t been so clear; but what we do know is he’s helping to redefine both what we know and think musically. He proved this once again with his latest album release More Life.

So, I must say, it really bothers me when a traditional hip hop artist is compared to Drake — it’s unfair. The two aren’t the same.

It’s like Taylor Swift being compared to a traditional country music singer songstress. That comparison isn’t fair because Taylor isn’t just a country singer, instead she’s mostly considered to be a Pop singer.

Why do we understand the distinction so easily with T. Swift, yet miss the point entirely with Drake?

Here me: Drake is a Pop artist. Yes, you heard right!

Frankly, he’s been one for quite some time — and it’s nothing wrong with that!

We’re at this interesting point in music where the lines are so blurred, we can’t decipher what Hip Hop and Rap is anymore. It’s not traditional anymore, instead it’s more a combination of things.

Drake is one of the few artists who checks all the boxes, it’s the reason why he sells so well with all demographics (racially and economically). Anyone who knows anything about the business knows the highest selling artists fall in the Popular music category. This is where Drake lives.

So, comparing the record sales of other rappers to that of a Pop artist like Drake is a moot point. We should stop focusing on how he compares to them, but more on how he stacks up against the other mega Pop Stars like the Beyoncé’s, Taylor Swift’s, and Adele’s of the world.