And I took 30 days drawing challenge

#30. “Friends”

On January 19, 2016 , I took a challenge to draw everyday for upcoming 30 days and I’m glad to share that yesterday I completed that drawing challenge.

I’m self taught artist. I’m mostly into drawing portraits. Last year, I didn’t able to draw much. This year, because of some inspiring articles here on medium, it made me challenge myself to everyday.

I have drawn for everyday since last 5 weeks and from ups and downs able to draw 30 drawings.

It has been wonderful experience. I have been complaining before that I don’t have time but somehow I manage and able to get 2–3 hours in a day for my drawing.

It made me realize that if you think that there is 1% chance that you can do something,then you will.

I figured three simple steps to achieve the thing I want.

  1. Set a target and time to achieve it. Write it down somewhere you can see it everyday.
  2. Let people know what you planning to achieve. It put positive pressure on you.
  3. Do it. Don’t give up. The time come when you think you can’t be able to do it anymore. You want to just stop doing it. Bt it will pass and you’ll be surprised by the result in the end.

And here I’d love to show you, some of drawing that I’ve drawn during my challenge

#29. “Life”
#24. “ Fall out boy”
#28. “Belle”

You can follow me over to see all the drawings of me

Thank you all. Thank you Medium.

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