Ok, the first thing I want to ask you is this — do you actually believe that the Cuban healthcare…
Feyi Fawehinmi

When a health system is able to produce sufficient trained personnel to man even the remotest parts of the country, that system is superior to another reliant on foreign labor. The Cuban system produces surplus medical personnel who are motivated to serve both at home and abroad. These personnel even go as far as making regular home visits to citizens who live in scarcely populated mountainous regions. On the other hand, the British NHS has been plagued by a financial crisis threatening its existence. Crucially, the British system is unable to train sufficient personnel and is therefore desperately reliant on foreigners.

Another metric indicating Cuba’s superiority over Britain is found in immunization coverage. 30 years after Cuba introduced nationwide immunization with a locally produced vaccine against meningitis, the NHS did same and falsely claimed to be a pioneer. You can learn more by following these links:

As a matter of fact, Cuban scientists pioneered the production of vaccines from synthetic antigens. In the video below AP shows a Cuban scientist making a presentation with two Nobel laureates in the audience.

Speaking of Nobel laureates, Joseph Stiglitz, a winner of the economics prize, just stated in Havana this week that Cuba is uniquely prepared for the globalized economy requiring skilled labor. Though his visit and comments are unreported in western media, you can read about it here using google translate:

As regards Dr Hilda, her story is an illustration of how Cubans are constantly offered bribes and other incentives to defect and make slanderous claims. This is so because the Cuban public is and has always been well aware of the fact that the government has an economic strategy of earning income from medical services offered to foreigners. There is nothing secret about it. Fidel himself publicly made speeches stating this. This raises the question, why would Dr Hilda complain about an economic strategy the Cuban populace supports? Here is a speech Fidel gave following an expansion and renovation carried out at to improve the capacity to cater to foreigners at an orthopedic hospital:

In citing the example of Canadian businesses, you actually draw attention to the embargo. This is so because the CEO of the biggest Canadian company operating in Cuba — Sheritt International — is banned from entering the US. The few business ties between Cuba and Canada required the bravery of Pierre Trudeau who went against fierce criticism from the US. As the recent burial of Fidel indicates, his son lacks the same guts because he abandoned his plan to attend the burial following media attacks that followed his initial message of condolence to the Cuban people. The hurdles faced by countries and companies who trade with Cuba is evident in fines imposed by the US government. Here are links to articles shedding more light:

While you may try to dismiss the credibility of a professor of surgery in the British NHS on the grounds of bias, I wonder why you would also reject an assessment carried out by UNESCO. The data you claim is forged was directly obtained by UNESCO evaluators who subjected Cuban students to tests. UNESCO did the testing, not the Cuban authorities.

Overall, I have offered you evidence in the form of videos where you can see that the claims you make are false. On the other hand, you supply books written by traitors striving to make money from the sale of books filled with lies.The AP video clearly shows Cubans and foreigners receiving care in the same hospitals. I could share countless other videos and other forms of evidence showing that Cubans are extremely proud and generally satisfied with their healthcare system. If you choose to believe otherwise, that may be delusional.

On a final note, I must say that the logic you apply in drawing conclusions about abortions in Cuba is faulty and unscientific. A generalization is unsuitable for Cuba because its model significantly differed from that of the eastern European states. While communism was imposed there from the outside, Cuba’s revolution was an endogenous process drawing greater inspiration from Jose Marti than from Karl Marx. Your conclusion is analogous to asserting that Fidel Castro would be deified because North Korean leaders were. Clearly, that is completely wrong because Fidel prohibited statues, monuments and other attempts to shape a personality cult around him while he was alive. He also demanded that in death all of that remain banned, insisting he was simply a human who made modest efforts for the sake of the welfare of all Cubans. It may interest you to know that in one of his first speeches to a huge crowd following the victory of the revolution, white doves landed on him while he spoke. Even though Santeria believers among the population were inclined to ascribe religious connotations to the event, Fidel never nurtured such assumptions.

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