Which one will you prefer or choose, for others to love you or respect you?

Most of us will probably choose for others to love us, than to respect us. Because we may have the notion that if people can love me, they can as well also respect me, right?.

Do we truly have respect for our families, friends, loved ones and all the people we truly care about; like the respect we give to that boss that you sometimes pray that he/she get into car accident and have a sick day for life. So we can love someone without truly respecting them. And we can respect someone that we wish did exist in our life.

Love is given, while, respect is earn. It’s understandable that every human want to be loved and accepted. Why do you want to be respected? Is love not enough? What the innact human psychology behind the desire to earn respect? Unlike love, respect is not universe. It varies from different region and cultures of the world. Depending on what part of the world you live in, respect is attached to advancement in age, wealth, position, achievement and also what a person can do for you(when you are looking for a job, you probably be willing to kiss the ass of a industrial leader like Bill Gate than your own mother or father ass). If Bill Gate and your parents were calling your phone at the same time and could only answer one of them, which one will pick up? Or feel proud to answer too? Can we truly give everybody equal amount of respect? Respect might also be another form of love; maybe FORCED LOVE .

In the olden days, humans valued respect more than love and acceptance. They were more respect for authority figures. This is due to the extreme high human inequality of the olden days. The gap between the rich and the poor, the educated and uneducated were huge. But now, in the new days, that bridge is closing up. The advancement of science and technology is spreading the power to the masses. Even kids of the new days, can be more knowledgeable about the world than adult’s.

The moment you get a better a job offer, you may be willing to give your former boss you been kissing his/her for years a middle finger. Due to his/her lost authority over you at the work place. We human truly don’t respect a person advancement in age, wealth, position and achievement. We only respect their authority that comes along with does advancement. So respect may be just an artificial mental construct of affirming one’s own authority towards others. Or may be respect is just artificial human society construct that serve the purpose to protect of ones vulnerable authority from being breached by others?

As science and technology is increasing advancing and spreading power to the people, may be it wise to invest in love.

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