What is Uncle Mine?

The core idea of ​​UncleMine Protocol is to use cryptography technology to convert all kinds of computing power into universal and verifiable on-chain proof, to realize the true mapping of off-chain computing power to on-chain smart contracts, and to give computing resources and computing power liquidity, programmability, and composability. Through the incentives of the economic model, computing power is integrated into existing DeFi ecosystems and becomes a unique asset class in the decentralized world. In order to achieve this goal, the design of UncleMine can be divided into the following layers.

🅾️UncleMine Verification Layer (UMVL)
🅾️UncleMine Application Layer (UMAL)
🅾️UncleMine Incentive & Governance Layer (UMIGL)

UncleMine DAO is a decentralized anonymous organization, implemented on the chain by smart contracts, and managed by multi-signature addresses to ensure the degree of decentralization.

In UncleMine, we’re building a trustless validation network and oracle to bring all these ‘computing resources’ to smart contract blockchains. ‘Miners’ can generate zero-knowledge proofs for their computing power through UM validation layer and store the proofs in the smart contract for anyone to verify and integrate into applications.

Welcome to UncleMine Group!

Telegram : https://t.me/UncleMine
Website: unclemine.org
Twitter: twitter.com/uncleminenews



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