Day 11: 30-Day Writing Challenge


I have a tradition to write down my daily lessons and share them on the last day if the month.

Well this month has really been interesting. A lot of things happened ranging from celebrating my birthday to having meetings and honing my writing skills… I hope you enjoy what I have learnt and I hope you’ll learn from it…

-Weigh all options before you make a decision - February 1
-Never feel you have done enough, especially for family because they are all we have - February 2
-Don’t argue about whatever you do not know about - February 3
-Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to apply the advice you have given others - February 4
-Keep on pressing on; never give up; there is no space, God or satan must occupy the space - February 5
-There is no excuse for not doing what you ought to do - February 6
-The first motivational push you will ever have is yourself; so don’t wait for someone to do that because everyone has his or her problems; there is no rehearsal for life - February 7
-Just be there for someone always - February 8
-Love does not lie - February 9
-Submit your will to God and never to your self - February 10
-Self-discovery is a process - February 11
-Some things do not need an answer - February 12
-Faithfulness = Direction; Obedience = Success - February 13
-In the end, it’s all about JESUS - February 14
-Learn to remember what God said - February 15
-To be a good friend, you must be ready to lose a good friend - February 16
-God placed a high value on man - February, 17
-You don’t see the bad side of you in a mirror - February, 18
-Live by the Spirit and in the Spirit - February 19
-Achieve all you need to do; never back down - February 20
-Refuse average; always challenge yourself - February 21
-Understand the Spirit and live by and with Him - February 22
-Train yourself to be happy at all times; guard your heart - February 23
-We also have a responsibility in the Kingdom - February 24
-Attitude is everything so build up your character positively - February 25
-First impressions matter - February 26
-Tomorrow never comes; just do what you ought to do - February 27
- Achievement comes with responsibility - February 28


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