Day 18: 30-Day Writing Challenge


Life is not as hard as it seems. Sometimes, all we need to do is just sit back, relax, look upon and ponder on the simple things of life. Things that we tend to overlook owing to the hustle and bustle that jostle for our attention each passing day. Most often than not, we do not take cognizance of the free gifts of humanity and nature therefore we just complain about what we do not have instead of thanking God for what we have.
Life has afforded us some simple things like a smile which draws its root from the heart. It is what tells us that we can still move on, it can spell out affirmation, it gives us that understanding that words cannot communicate sometimes.
Maybe we should talk about a hug; the feeling of security and comfort received from someone whose strength is failing or that of companionship or simply that of affection. Not everybody is strong enough, hence, let us be that shoulder to lean on.
We can talk about a child. The joys they bring. The smiles they draw. The peace they exude. The love they give. The care they long for. The purity of heart they enjoy. The grace they garner. The language they speak that we wish we could learn.
Nature is one simple thing life has given us but it gets expensive sometimes as many of us fail to observe the sunrise in regal decorum or set in majestic grandeur. We seem to forget when tales by moonlight that has being replaced by cable television was part of what paved a path for our morals. We should sometimes sit by a lake or river and listen to its serenity; the message it conveys – maybe we would be able to write a psalm. Take a look at the flowers sometimes; look at their colours and you will notice its different shades that will only leave you mystified. Need I talk about the breeze? Ever wonder what messages it tells us softly as it gently caresses our skin? Or have we wondered if we could hold it? Take a look at the sky. Its sky blue with a touch of white and its grayness when the clouds gather for a meeting on whether it should commune its waters with the earth or not. Ever considered such moments when a rope is in place from heaven to earth and we wish we could get a grip of it if only it was not random and in liquid form. Listen to the birds and try to harmonise with them. Follow their melody and let your heart gladden.
Hear that song. Yes. The one that can uplift the soul when it is hit with the rock of this life or the one whose rhythm removes the blues from our mood and our countenance is popped up.
Love, the one thing that even a phone call away cannot completely tell how it feels. It is that feeling that brings out the ambience of nature and love; it is what makes the sun’s appearance appear amber as we think of those we love. It is what draws the ink from the poet’s tip explaining in metaphors and personifications what literal text finds difficult to do. It is what all the money in this world cannot buy but life offers simply.
A compliment may seem oblivious to some but to some it matters a lot or using any of the five magic words may just make someone feel relevant. A time alone to just talk and ask how someone is doing is what some people want to hear.
Never neglect the simple things of life.


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