Day 3: 30-Day Challenge


What makes people stand on queue not minding the weather or some conditions in order to buy the latest iPhone no matter the cost the day it is being released to the market or what drives a man to buy the latest model of a car no matter the cost? Why? These are questions that leave me bewildered every now and then. I then realized that the value these companies have put on their products are top notch and they are the ‘best’ amongst their peers.
The same could go for humans. God put a high value on us when He created us and that is why the Bible said in Psalms 139:14 – ‘Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it’ (NLT). Most of us do not know our worth in every facet, therefore, we tend to settle for less than what we ought to and in order to draw the line here, I do not mean one should be proud but we should have the right amount of self-esteem about ourselves that will help us live according to God’s standard for us.
Owing to the get-rich-quick-or-be-left-out-syndrome of our society, many of us have sold our value so cheaply for things of this life and then when everything about us is gone, we try to fill the satisfaction by gaining more and more but it is just a vicious cycle and we keep on poking the void created within till it gets sore and then we give up hence depression, over-indulgence, and suicide are the results of such things.
When we know how much we are worth in the sight of God and men (I mean people that love us unconditionally), we will know that we are not to settle for less. I have a maxim I live by, ‘draw the line between managing something and being content.’ This maxim has helped me place a high value on myself and therefore I strive to be the best in all I do.
An interesting study published in Wired magazine shows that an average human being could be worth up to $45 million as of 2011 (the calculation included selling the bone marrow, DNA, lungs, kidneys, heart, as component); an amount that some people may never see till they die but that is their value and in my opinion, I think the price is PRICELESS; so why settle for anyone, any job, or any decision in your life cheaply?
Everything in life is all about buying and selling or branding if I may: the way an individual comports or behaves will show how much respect he or she will get when he or she goes out hence the cliché – you will be addressed by how you dress.
In conclusion, when next you want to make that decision, take that job, go into that relationship, sit back, talk to yourself and ask yourself the question, ‘is this person, job, career, worth it?’ ‘will my value increase when I get into it or will I depreciate?’… always remember, you’re worth more than you are… you’re expensive… don’t let anyone or anything tell you less…


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