Day 5: 30-Day Writing Challenge


He just bought it. Finally. He thought to himself, smiling as he drove away from the car dealer’s shop. Mercedes Benz C-350 4matic 2010 Model – his dream car. It’s glad to know that hard work still pays in this day and age when it seems everything has to be gotten with the aid of a godfather or one oga-at-the-top or the yahoo yahoo business that some boys are into now.
By the time he will be going back to Abuja next week, the guys at the office will at least know that he has some class. He promised himself that even though he had the option of buying the car in Abuja, he would rather buy it where his parents were. A little part of him nudged him on with praise as regards the kind of responsible man he is becoming.
On reaching home, his younger sister, Chisom, was the first to rush out as he drove the chrome black salon into the compound. She knew nothing about cars as far as the car was ‘fine’ that was all she cared about. ‘Chinedu’ she called out with glee ‘where are you taking me today na so we fit go wash am?’ He was always fond of her – being the lastborn; Chisom, a 300-level Economics student in the University of Jos had the key to her elder brother’s heart. Their eldest sister, Chiamaka, a Nurse working in Lagos was happily married with a son. Three of them were closely knit in their family as they found time to talk to each other almost every day.
‘Allow Nedu to enter na, at least let him rest small before you start disturbing’ said his father as he was proud of his only son. Chisom did not listen to her dad as she was already entering the car to take it for a test drive. ‘Daddy, just leave her na’ said Chinedu ‘she can drive but don’t go far o cos if you bash my car eh… you go pay.’ As she moved out with the car, he entered inside with the car as his mom stood at the door and gave him a big hug. He was treated to his favourite meal of vegetable soup (with animals: both two-legged and four-legged) and pounded yam.
After ten minutes, Chisom drove in, handed the keys back to her elder brother and told him how much she enjoyed cruising in the car. She then pounded her elder brother with her needs as he bound to leave town back to Abuja in two days town. ‘Let him rest’ his mother chided her but it fell on deaf ears as she always felt invisible to anyone’s threat whenever big brother was around. While he finished eating and got engaged in a discourse with his father over some political situation in the country as mom busied her way into the kitchen with Chisom.
He then picked up his phone to call his girlfriend when he heard his name from a distance
‘Nedu! Nedu! Wake up! It’s time for morning devotion’…


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