Day 8: 30-Day Writing Challenge


While we finish dressing, one major thing that we do is to make sure we tie our shoe laces unless they are ‘Toms’ or ‘loafers’. Tying our shoe laces shows or depicts that we are ready to go out; it shows readiness or preparedness.
Most often than not, we are like people that have finished dressing up and have not tied up our laces; we may go out but as we go out, three things may happen:
We may be slower in our pace as the shoe may pull us back
We may have to stop and tie it up
We may stumble and fall
The above analogy is how some of us face our every day. We go out unprepared and at the end of the day, we are frustrated and miserable. Tying our shoe laces could be anything we do that will make us have a good day such as a morning devotion and reflection with God (this cannot be overemphasized) as this should be a precursor for every other thing we are to do. It is that time of the day when God speaks to us softly and tenderly.
Many people are as a flag on a pole; being tossed to and fro by every wind so they wake up and they go about their daily activities without having a target, a plan, a focus for that day. As a consequence, they may get entangled with people who have focus and those who have focus and are prepared for their day, may use the aimless ones to achieve their day’s goal.
Another thing that we ought to do to show preparedness in our life is to be check our lives. Many times, we are so busy planning and goal-driven that we forget to take a minute and think of our value, worth, impact, mistakes, errors, and successes. Thinking on these things help us get ready for the day. Let us also forget that it is not just enough to dwell on them but we are to be careful as not to live in them but should serve as a guide for our day.
People love people who are ready; people who have things to offer. Many of us go out without having anything to offer. We may have planned our day and thought about our goal for the day but if we do not develop ourselves for the direction we want to go, we will end up being frustrated.
In summary, let us remember that when next we finish dressing, let us take a look down at our shoe laces; if we can go out without them being tied, then we have the license to go out and have a day of tossing and turning but the moment we feel that we cannot go out without them being tied, then let us not go out without tying up loose ends in our lives that may impede our goals for the day...
Tie up those laces today...


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