There is no better time to try something new than now.

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I am breaking through unfamiliar boundaries and trying to test every water that holds the significance of peace. I am trying to find the middle grounds to everything — the silver linings beneath the grey sides of life. My spirit is awakening to the possibilities of Life, and I have been unburdening the thought that I need everyone (more than I have got) to build, to create, to establish something more remarkable for the people who would come seeking for gatherings of acceptance and inclusiveness. Certain days, night falls, and I realise I have got all too much softness and a need to escape, and I don’t know how to unpack them. God has been faithful even though I haven’t been and some days, I can’t fully understand why. I live intentionally. I give myself that. But, not enough not to tell He’s been patching me up way more than I deserve. It’s hard to balance being a Christian and working through the politics growing around me, every day. …

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Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

I have made this story into twenty-seven different drafts, and in twenty-seven different ways and for twenty-seven reasons, I couldn’t get the words to breathe until today. This day marks my 28th day in self-isolation. Yeah, 28. And to be honest, I don’t know how much of this quiet I can take anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. I have the best people as neighbours & friends. I get those regular video calls & texts from people who just want to be sure I am doing okay. I am struggling for my exams-prepping time with the entire staff at Netflix. I take the daily 30 minutes-break outside more seriously than I take my diet. To keep fit, I dance/jog/cycle. To stay sane, I stay away from conspiracy theories and the whole hula hoop of trying to understand everything happening now. So, yeah. It has been tranquillity all around. …


Jane Nneoma

Daughter • Sister • Friend • Student • Lover || Every Post is based on personal Thoughts, Experiences, Human interactions & Opinions. || I Write. You Think.

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